About Podcast

Planet Leadership PodcastThis is planet leadership, the podcast that enables leaders of associations and nonprofits to grow their organization and achieve their missions. In the episodes of this podcast, your host Eric Thurston will interview leaders in associations and nonprofits about leadership.

In his role as a CEO of a midsize, dynamic software company, Eric has access to just some amazing leaders with some amazing stories. He works closely with associations and nonprofits and the unique challenges they face as organizations. The podcast is called Planet Leadership because we are going to talk to people that are literally trying to change the planet.

When you look at associations and how they are advocating for their members, they face many challenges, some being budget, people, resources, public scrutiny, and public accountability. Why do some of them do it better than others? That’s what this podcast will talk about. How do you build a great culture? How do you build a great team to scale an organization to potentially change the world?

How do leaders transition from other industries to associations and nonprofits? Go to www.ThePlanetLeadership.com to learn more about how you can grow your association or nonprofit. Please subscribe, rate and review planet leadership, wherever you listen to your podcasts.