About the Host

Eric ThurstonEric Thurston has enabled many of the world’s leading organizations to leverage technology solutions to drive business performance. He is the President and CEO of Personify, a market-leading technology platform that helps organizations better engage their constituents, maximize revenue, and optimize operations. In his role at Personify, Eric has led the company through a founder transition, successfully acquired three new technology solutions, executed a major product rewrite and positioned Personify to be sold from its private equity sponsor Rubicon Technology Partners to Pamlico Capital.

As host of the Planet Leadership podcast, Eric meets with leaders, influencers, movers, and shakers in the association and nonprofit market to explore the issues and topics keeping up executives up at night such as how to drive efficiencies within an organization, leverage technology to be more effective, and stay on top of trends in a rapidly evolving market.

Eric has a wealth of experience in the software industry, serving in leadership roles at Mitratech, P2 Energy Solutions, Oracle, and SAP. He lives in Austin and enjoys boating, hiking, and fishing with his family.